Biosortia Microbiomics Vision

We will positively impact humanity by obtaining and advancing small molecule chemistry from microbiomes for saving and improving lives.

Biosortia Microbiomics Mission

We will utilize internal and external advanced scale technologies to find, harvest, process, improve, collaborate, and screen nature’s preoptimized small molecules directly and indirectly (artificial intelligence or AI) from microbiomes with research partners, collaborators, and customers for early licensing and sales opportunities.

Our products will be the best class target hitting small molecules and needed AI dependent datasets that will provide next-generation product opportunities in therapeutics, longevity, agriculture, sustainability, renewable energy, cosmetics, and other human and planet needs.

Biosortia Microbiomics associates will achieve the mission by building an inclusive, high functioning, life balancing, and enjoyable work environment that ultimately benefits stakeholders, associates (employees), and partners.

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