Microbiome is Key to Protecting Humanity and the Sustainability of the Planet

Biosortia Microbiomics provides small molecules and datasets from our deep access to unculturable microbes in microbiomes, a valuable proven source for future therapeutics. Our unique direct access to previously inaccessible microbial small molecules and extensive datasets will accelerate discovery in critical life science areas including new opportunities with next-generation drugs, agrochemicals, longevity, sustainability, advanced energy, and more.

Biosortia Microbiomics was invented and is the only company practicing Microbiome Mining. Our technology, equipment, and processes execute in an environmentally friendly way to find, obtain, process, analyze, and prepare small molecules and datasets for contractual research and collaborative opportunities.

Small molecules, metabolomics datasets, and analytics are obtained from naturally occurring microbiomes with overlapping genes and metabolic pathways of humans and other microbiomes. The source microbiomes are recovered at a scale and quality that permits deep understanding because Biosortia’s exclusive technologies reach at least 6 orders of magnitude beyond traditional methods.

Products and Services Available from Biosortia Microbiomics

Selectively Screen Biosortia’s Novel Small Molecules

Biosortia is continually expanding the novel library of small molecules (SMs) directly from natural microbiomes. Novel SMs from naturally occurring microbes in microbiomes are biologically preoptimized as the best sources of life science starting points. Activities of these small molecules are grouped in well plates according to machine learning for artificial intelligence prioritization or sorted and organized by initial screening activity potential.

Out License Data for Artificial Intelligence & Analytics

Biosortia out licenses its exclusive database on natural microbiomes to assist organizations applying machine learning and artificial intelligence for obtaining solutions, prioritization, modeling, projections, and other opportunities. Data includes environmental, habitat, species, metagenomic, genomic, metabolic pathways, gene cluster, known and novel small molecules (SMs), activities based on screening and computational analysis of (SMs). Biosortia is providing much-needed missing datasets for discovery.

Purchase Small Molecules from our Rare Known Library

Biosortia makes available rare small molecules (SMs) made from microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, archaea, & viruses) in natural microbiomes. We specialize in the ‘hard to obtain’ or large quantities by special request for rare SMs. Please provide details about your needs. Our datasets should be able to determine the producing species. Our SM library may also have isomers or natural derivatives available.

Research and Academic Collaborations

Biosortia’s scientifically validated technology platforms and systems distinctly capture never-before accessed natural microbiomes’ critical data and novel small molecules. Biosortia’s full-scale microbiome harvesting and mining platform are positioned to disrupt and transform knowledge. Consider Biosortia and our world-renowned Ph.D.s and partners for grant participation, and commercialization.
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