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Inflammation is Directly Related to the Cell Chemistry of Microbiomes

Biosortia’s pipeline priorities are driven by high priority unmet needs influenced or driven by partners, collaborators and potential funding sources (pharma & capital sources). The microbiome has delivered opportunities in Oncology, Immuno-Oncology, Inflammation, Metabolic, Infectious and CNS/Neuro therapeutic areas, and Biosortia has demonstrated early hits in these and other TAs.

Biosortia’s ability to accelerate discovery is only limited by the participation of supporting partners with opportunities to pursue.


  • Novel Patentable Chemistry
  • Potency
  • New Mechanisms of Action
  • Sufficient Quantity for Drug Discovery
  • Synthesizable for Commercialization

The largest and richest identified source for potential drug-like chemistry has been inaccessible since originally identified nearly 6+ decades ago. Biosortia Pharmaceuticals completely has changed a access dynamic by a proven, demonstrated and completely validated unparalleled technological approach. With a Department of Energy ARPA-E $6 million+ merit award added to sum a total spend of $20.4 million the company has achieved a major breakthrough of access of long sought chemistry from unculturable microorganisms in situ.

This access to aquatic microbiomes is a minimum of 3 orders of magnitude improvement over everyone currently conducting studies, and Biosortia possesses significant access to multi-habitat microbiomes. This is a major game changer in drug discovery and knowledge which will undoubtedly lead to advancements in human health.