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Biosortia Finds New Medicines

Biosortia Pharmaceuticals is the only company directly bringing the deep dark chemistry of any microbiome into drug discovery with the most sought after drug-like molecules that are generally unobtainable to researchers. Biosortia is digging into actual unknown microbiome chemistry at 100,000 to 1,000,000 times deeper than science has typically explored. We have proprietary technologies and capabilities to rapidly fill a discovery pipeline with high priority unmet needs in key therapeutic areas. There is an unfilled continuous need by Pharma and investment groups to find and exploit IND stage assets. Biosortia Pharmaceuticals is focused on early stage drug discovery to generally an IND stage exit for risk share licensing to pharma or spinning-out into a new company.

This is the most exciting breakthrough in access to new meaningful natural product chemistry for drugs, potentially opening the 99% of unculturable microorganisms in situ to discovery. As a reference; the 1% of culturable microorganisms have led directly or indirectly to more the 25% of the drugs on the market today.

Our Vision is to improve human health with our new valuable chemistry!

Researchers around the world recognize the opportunity
to find new medicines from various microbiome habitats.

What is a microbiome?

Simply put it is “the microbial community occupying a reasonably well-defined habitat which has distinct Physico-chemical properties. The term thus not only refers to the microorganisms involved but also encompasses their theaters of activity.” *The term was first used in 2000 and in print 2001.

Historically, Microbiome has Delivered a Wealth of New Drugs.

Microbiome Access via Culturing: Historically, more than 50% of the drugs on the shelf today have directly, or indirectly or inspirationally came from a microbiome source. Even today, culturing microorganism is a successful approach to obtaining elicited chemistry from the 1% of microbes that can be cultured and the 2% of those that elicit chemistry in a culture which leaves greater than 99% of microorganisms that can’t be cultured as virtually inaccessible. Various strategies to encourage growth of unculturable microorganisms with elicited chemistry could improve rates and many researchers around the world continue to investigate.

Genetic Mining of the Microbiome: Research in the early 1990's and various follow-on attempts to commercialize have advanced the general science of combinatorial genetics, but like combinatorial chemistry, the mathematical likelihood of delivering predictable success is near infinity. The brilliance of natural evolutionary design and the complexity of the process and results are not easy to construct with various snippets of genetics and chemistry in a lab. Thus progress toward meaningful drug-like compounds will likely remain evasive for decades Combinatorial chemistry has a minimum of 1 x 10500 options for small molecules less than 500 Da and combinatorial genetics has options well in excess of that of combinatorial chemistry when including environmental factors and external precursor chemistry (real world). So what does 1 x 10500 really mean in terms of testing a new compound? Well if you had a laboratory create enough starting material and test (assay) a billion x billion (1,000,000,000,000,000,000) compounds per second for the next 8 billion years you will have only tested 2.52288 x 1035 or a miniscule and meaningless fraction of the possibilities. These numbers alone explain why combinatorial chemistry has been such a bust with billions spent annually for decades and only one drug on the market. Proven to be a complete non-starter driving up the costs of approved drugs dramatically.

So why does nature (natural products) have such an advantage - simply evolution has done more than 1 x 10500 testing per second for 3.4 billion years because of all the tried mutations but rarely kept. This simply says the chemistry we seek for new drugs is there for the taking. Look in the right places and a wealth of new cures will be found.

Biosortia’s Prospecting of Microbiome Chemistry

Currently Biosortia’s unique technologies allow for recovery of the actual microorganisms of the microbiome from the aquatic environment** at a quality and quantity that allows direct chemical prospecting. This approach is similar to culturing except the culture is the natural habitat of the aquatic microbiome. The previous phenomenal successes in finding new drugs from the 1% culturable microorganisms allow a incredibly high probability of finding new meaningful opportunities from new access to the 99% that has remained truly inaccessible.

**Aquatic microbiomes contain 73% of the orothologous groups contained in human gut microbiomes - Structure and function of the global ocean microbiome. Science V348, I6237